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David Kristofferson kristoff at net.bio.net
Mon Oct 5 15:26:16 EST 1992

GERLACHJ at QUCDN.QueensU.CA (Jim Gerlach - Cancer Research Labs) writes:

>I have a couple of questions about the transfer of services:

>1. Is it still possible to submit sequences by E-mail using AUTHORIN?

Yes, nothing has changed in this regards as Paul Gilna explains.
IntelliGenetics is continuing to distribute and support the Authorin
program and Los Alamos is continuing to accept Authorin submissions as

>2. Are there any plans to implement IRX (or is it already available)?
>3. Are there any plans to implement BLAZE searches (although I realize
>   this involved private companies)?

I assume that these questions are inquiring as to NCBI's plans so they
would have to comment on that.  These services continue to be
available on a commercial basis as has been mentioned previously in
this forum.


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