Microscope image processing (summary)

Steve Lamont spl at szechuan.ucsd.edu
Sat Oct 3 17:09:39 EST 1992

In article <199210032106.AA18766 at mendel.sis.pasteur.fr> bloch at pasteur.fr (Laurent Bloch) writes:
>   After digitization, you can reconstruct the image with a program called
>SYNU (SYnthetic UNiverse) from UCSD and the San Diego Supercomputer Center
>(costs ~$100 to cover costs) which can handle huge data sets and render
>beautiful reconstructions (call David Hessler @ 619 534 7968 or Steve Young
>@ 619 534 3539 - unfortunately, it only runs on SGI hardware)

Again, a correction to this:

Please do NOT call David Hessler or Steve Young or send email to the
San Diego Supercomputer Center.  SDSC no longer distributes Synu.  If
you have any questions, please send me email (spl at szechuan.ucsd.edu)
or call Dolores Robinson at (619) 534-1392.  Since we have a small
staff, unless you have a burning question that can only be answered
over the phone, we'd appreciate sending email rather than phoning us.

For further information, please see my earlier posting containing the
Synu FAQ-List.


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