auto-mail program for BLAST?

Bobbie Peters in Grace theiss at CSHL.ORG
Fri Oct 2 15:32:19 EST 1992

We have a program here that sends parameters & sequences to the old
FASTA e-mail address in the correct format. It would ask the user questions -
What is the name of the sequence, what databank do you want to search against,
are these parameters OK, etc. Then it mailed the info to the old 
fasta bio.net address.
I seem to remember that someone else offered the same type of program 
ages ago for FASTA. Rather than us re-writing the fasta program,
has anyone written an auto mail program for BLAST?

Along the same lines, is there a list of programs like BLAST, SeqApp, etc
that are available via e-mail? This doesn't seem to be a question that
Archie would easily answer.

thanks for your help

Bobbie Peters
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