quantitative analysis on scanned gels

Michael Moxness moxness at leland.Stanford.EDU
Thu Oct 1 19:17:08 EST 1992

We recently bought a desktop scanner and the Quantiscan program from Biosoft.
The scanner works great to get images of protein gels and autoradiograms, but
Quantiscan is the worst piece of software that I have ever seen.  We have
had major problems with the peak picking and integration. We are going to
return the software but would like to find another software package that can
serve our purposes.  We need to quantitate bands from the image in both 
dimensions, output gel lane plot profiles, and some sort of peak picking would
be a nice luxury, not to mention gaussian fits.  I have downloaded Image and
it seems to be a very nice program, but it is limited in the size of images it 
can handle.  I was wondering if there is anything else
out there that will be even better. Am I being too greedy? Ideally, it
would run on a DOS 386 machine but either a Mac or Sparc station version would
be OK also.  And of course the cheaper the better.

Sorry if this has been discussed recently, but I just started reading this
newsgroup.  If you could direct me to a faq file, I would be grateful.

Mike Moxness
moxness at bogart.stanford.edu

PS  The Artiscan scanner with slidescan kit has worked out well for us and it
only cost about $1800.

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