Plasmid Drawing Program

Thu Oct 1 03:37:53 EST 1992

In response to " Does anyone out there know of a simple Macintosh program that 
will produce a drawing of a plasmid identifying restriction enzyme sites
by enzyme name and location using just a list of restriction enzymes
with numbers (digestion sites)?  I don't need the accuracy a GCG
program, just something simple and quick"

	Couple years ago a program called Plasmid draw, developed by Wolfram Siede, 
was published in BioTechniques vol 5 n 5.  The program has been improved by 
comparison to what has been published .  It allows to draw the plasmid as a 
circular or as a linear map,on which you can add some genes. 

The address of Wolfram Siede was
Dept of Pathology, R 208
Stanford University
School of medicine
Stanford, CA 94305

	Hope this help,


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