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In article <9211301448.AA24287 at net.bio.net> WAGNERF at BRUNB.BITNET (Wagner Fontes) writes:
>        There is a software called LETRIX that does this job.
>        Sorry I have no references right now. I will try to find
>more info about it.
>Wagner Fontes
>Brazilian Center of Protein Sequencing
>Biochemistry / ProteinChemistry Lab.
>University of Brasilia - Brazil
This probably won't help you but I'll mention it any way. WordPerfect for
SUN Unix workstations has a wealth of character sets, including Hebre 5.1 w,
Cyrillic, Hiragana & Katakana (is that Japanese?) and two pallates of
"Multinational characters". I don't know whether the Windows version
has these characters of not. The really neat thing is that if your printer
doesn't have these characters, they are printed using graphics.

The SUN (X-windows)  version of WordPerfect is  far superior to the Windows
implementation, and has to be seen to be believed. In spite of a few annoying
problems, it is yet another good reason for getting a SUN. Our price (with
University discount) was around $350 Canadian, for the single-user
configuration. While this is certainly more than the DOS version, in my 
opinion the added convenience and versatility is well worth the price.
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