hebrew characters

Ben Jones jonesbb at BELOIT.EDU
Mon Nov 30 20:50:50 EST 1992

>Hi to everybody,
>Does someone out there know of software which would allow typing hebrew 
>characters on a Mac or IBM computer??
>Thanks for all information

A quick check of mail order catalogs shows that there is a company called
Linguist's Software which produces foreign fonts in both bitmap and
Postscript formats for Macintosh.  I don't know if they produce PC fonts. 
Two of their fonts are MacHebrew and LaserHebrew.

Years ago I saw a font called MacInHebrew which changed the direction of
typing from left-to-right to right-to-left when you switched into the font.
 I don't know if MacHebrew does that, or if it is MacInHebrew by a
different name.

The company's phone number is 206-775-1130.  The reference ws in
MacConnection, who provided me with the phone number.  I know nothing about
the quality of the software nor about the company besides what I have
written here.


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