LIMS software/experience?

Patricia Rodriguez-Tome pat at genethon.fr
Wed Nov 25 03:49:15 EST 1992

In article <9211241430.AA19590 at halogene.genethon.fr>, pouliot at GENETHON.GENETHON.FR (Yannick Pouliot) writes:
|> Is there anybody out there with experience in the establishment on a laboratory information management system? Alternatively, what about case studies of LIMS installation? I ain't exactly sure just where to get this kind of information...
|> Merci,
|> Yannick POULIOT
|> Genethon

Maybe at Genethon where 4 LIMS db have been running for the last 2 years :-)

Patricia Rodriguez-Tome, Data Manager at Genethon.

PS: Oups! And I thought this (LIMS) was part of my job at Genethon!
This news item had better expire before my boss gets to read it :-)
Patricia RODRIGUEZ-TOME       Genethon
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