molbiol spelling dictionaries user-defined

Tue Nov 24 07:11:47 EST 1992

dear moderator
Would you please consider posting this letter to all subscribers of the
different newsgroups of the bioscience network?

Has anyone using a macintosh and microsoft word or other word
processors started to compile user-defined bioscience spelling
dictionaries? What about collecting these and making them available to
the community?
I have two 300 k userdefined German bioscience molbiol spelling dicts
and an 80 k file with authors names.
I would be willing to collect the Macintosh dicts and post them to EMBL
who agreed to make them available on their ftp server. Maybe there is
even someone around who could eventually compile the different
spelling dictionaries into one big file.
The same could, of course, be done also with IBM files, and maybe there
is someone out there who would consider collecting these.
Thanks for your help and greetings to everyone.

Horst Ibelgaufts
Institut fuer Biochemie der LMU Muenchen
im Max Planck Institut fuer Biochemie, Raum F310
Am Klopferspitz 18a; D 8033 Martinsried; FRG
Internet email: Ibelgaufts @vms.biochem.mpg.de
Fax (089) 8578 2470

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