genetic engineering dictionary entry suggestions

Tue Nov 24 07:14:27 EST 1992

dear moderator,
Would you please consider posting this letter to all subscribers of the different newsgroups of the bioscience network?

I teach genetic engineering and molbiol at Munich university
and also run biochem and molbiol classes. Two years ago I have
compiled a genetic engineering dictionary and am now preparing the
second German edition.
My idea was and is to compile and explain all those different terms for techniques, strategies, concepts,
enzymes, vectors, bacterial strains, jargon, trademarks etc. etc.
associated with genetic engineering that a newcomer to the field might
encounter. Entries therefore comprise .
My students are very helpful in pointing out terms that they believe
should be included. I wonder whether anyone out there would also be
willing to contribute suggestions  possibly with references for entries?
I am also particularly interested in English technical terms, synonyms,
and jargon because inclusion of these terms in the dictionary would make reading the original articles much easier for German students.

Since I am becoming more and more of a lexicographer I would also be
willing to act as an on-line dictionary and answer specific questions
related to genetic engineering terminology, although this may take
some time.
Thank you very much in advance.
Horst Ibelgaufts
Institut fuer Biochemie der LMU Muenchen
im Max Planck Institut fuer Biochemie, Raum F310
Am Klopferspitz 18a; D 8033 Martinsried; FRG
Internet email: Ibelgaufts @vms.biochem.mpg.de
Fax (089) 8578 2470

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