More on GOPHERs (Re: Old Genbank Searching Software, PUB?)

Reinhard Doelz doelz at comp.bioz.unibas.ch
Tue Nov 24 02:28:01 EST 1992

In article <1992Nov23.212831.17857 at seas.gwu.edu>, danj at merlot.gwu.edu (Dan Jacobson ) writes:
|> The easiest way to access Genbank data is through Gopher.  

Immediately after Don Gilbert pioneered in setting this search up at his site, 
we adapted his code to run searches on EMBL (including the daily updates) 
and SWISSPROT. Later, Dan Davison added searches for PIR data. If you need 
guidance in how to set up a GOPHER and won't follow the exellent doc of the 
minnesota people, ftp to my site; there's a help file on bioftp.unibas.ch
in anonymous ftp , programs/bioftp-sw/gopher-aid, for UNIX , and VMS
(client only), as installation guidance.

If you want to poke in first, without installation aid, go to 

telnet consultant.micro.umn.edu

log in as gopher (no password required), 
and then go to 'Other Gophers' with the cursor, then select either IUBIO from 
North America (or UH Houston, resp), or bioftp from Europe. 

If you happen to have GOPHER already you might want to try any of the 
following gophers for information on biological items: 

      1.  Arabidopsis AAtDB Gopher Server /
      2.  Baylor College of Medicine/
      3.  Bedford Institute of Oceanography in Dartmouth/
      4.  Biodiversity and Biological Collections at Harvard/
      5.  Biology Gopher at OSU (Microbial Germplasm Database)/
      6.  Brookhaven Protein Data Bank /
      7.  CAMIS (Center for Advanced Medical Informatics at Stanford)/
      8.  Computational Biology (Bookreading via GOPHER)/
      9.  EMBnet BioBox Finland/
      10. EMBnet BioInformation Resource (EMBL)/
      11. EMBnet BioInformation Resource (Israel)/
      12. EMBnet BioInformation Resource (Switzerland)/
      13. EMBnet BioInformation Resource (The Netherlands)/
      14. EMBnet BioInformation Resource (UK)/
      15. FTP Archives for Molecular Biology /
      16. ICGEBnet Int.Center f.Genet.Engineering&Biotec (Trieste)/
      17. IUBio Biology Archive, Indiana University /
      18. National Science Foundation Gopher/
      19. National University of Singapore/
      20. Sequence Retrieval System (SRS) at the Norwegian EMBnet node  <TEL>

You might notice that there's a strong fraction of GOPHERs at the nodes 
of the European Molecular Biology network.  This is quite intended.  For 
more information on EMBnet, go to the EMBnet gophers and contact either 
the people there or your collegues who already use EMBnet services. 

The GOPHER sources data are collected, and maintained, at a special GOPHER 
located at 

Name=Biology subject tree in Gopher

I would highly appreciate any additional sources, or changes, addtions, etc.  
Thank you very much for your collaboration. 

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