Net access from home

Sun Nov 22 10:04:58 EST 1992

SLIP provides TCP/IP connections through a modem connection. Many Unix
systems include SLIP software however as with many Unix administration
tasks this requires a little experience to setup. Many people are using
terminal servers that provide SLIP.  This has many advantages and can
be more easily controlled centrally. Commercial providers of Internet
connections are available in most parts of the US. There is also a
usenet group alt.internet.access.wanted for those looking for a
commercial network provider solution.

For Macintoshes you can use AppleTalk Remote Access. If you are
already using MacTCP at work then ARA and MacTCP will provide you all
the services you use at work via a modem. Several companies are
producing special devices that connect to an AppleTalk network and a
modem to provide a standalone ARA dialin connection. We use the Shiva
LanRover/L which works great.  We have full access to all AppleTalk
services plus the home Macs can be Internet nodes. A few of the
terminal server vendors are working on including ARA support within
their produces.  I have also heard there are software solutions for
Unix and VMS systems where you call into a normal fast modem and run
software on your host computer to get ARA function.  ARA and
LanRover/L are both commercial products that can be obtained from most
mail order companies.

For all these network dialin connections I'd recommend a V.32bis modem
which is 14,400 baud. These modems are available starting around ~$300
mail order.

Mike Cherry
cherry at frodo.mgh.harvard.edu

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