Net access from home

Fri Nov 20 20:39:02 EST 1992

Is there any way to make a computer act like it is linked to
the network even though it is hooked to a phone line through a

Background:  My office computer is linked to the net through our LAN.
I have become hooked using gopher and all of the other tools
Dave Kristofferson has been preaching about.

The problem is that the only time I have to really work with my computer
is at home in the evening.  The computer I log into from home
is on the net (helix at nih.gov) and supports high speed modem connections.
The price of 9,600 baud modems has come down to the point where
I can afford to buy one.

So now I am relegated to dialing in to helix, using the helix gopher server,
or FTPing to other sites, transfering files back to helix,
and then KERMITTING them back to my PC.  Ugh.

It owuld seem much better to use the PC version of gopher, somehow
hook into helix through a modem but somehow mimic a network

Am I dreaming or is this realistic?

Jim Cassatt

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