HELP: .HQX Format for Macs

Ben Jones jonesbb at BELOIT.EDU
Wed Nov 18 04:34:23 EST 1992

>The people who run Sumex-aim anticipated that people might not already have >something to unpack a binhex file.  Binhex 4.0 is available in MACBINARY format >rather than binhex, so that you can download that and use it for unpacking >everything else.  It is located in Mac-info/utils and is named binhex4.bin.  Be >sure you download it in MacBinary format rather than binary or text.

Before I get pounced on, please disregard my previous posting.  I just
discovered that I missed one message in this discussion and the above
comment doesn't help the problem.

However, I did download Binhex4.bin successfully before I posted that
message so perhaps if you keep trying it will work sometimes.



Ben Jones                  BioQUEST / Department of Biology
jonesbb at beloit.edu         Beloit College, Beloit, Wisconsin

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