New RNAfold for VAX?

Cornelius Krasel zxmkr08 at studserv.zdv.uni-tuebingen.de
Tue Nov 17 13:29:10 EST 1992

Hello BioNetters,

I am looking for an executable or Fortran source for Zuker's new RNAfold
which is able to do suboptimal folding, for a VAXstation 4000/60.
I AM aware that there is a version for Macs out there, but it is
limited to 200 (?) bases (and, in addition, our VAX has more
computing power :-). I didn't find it at the Embl (my list is from the
14th of Nov.), and I was  unsuccessful with Archie.

Could anybody point to a suitable ftp site?

Thanx in advance, Cornelius.
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