Paperchase? How can I access it? (Boston/Beth Israel)

Paul N Hengen pnh at fcsparc6.ncifcrf.gov
Mon Nov 16 13:08:44 EST 1992

nholford at ccu1.aukuni.ac.nz (Nick Holford) writes:

>I have heard that there is a database of clinical trials under the name
>Paperchase. It originates from Beth Israel Hospital clinical computing I
>think. Can anyone tell me more about it and how I can access it?

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 1. What are some good reference books for methods in molecular biology?
 2. Where can I get information about the genotypes and phenotypes of
    common E. coli strains used in molecular genetics?
 3. How can I access MEDLINE?
 4. How do I amplify pBR322 plasmid using chloramphenicol?
 5. If a plasmid has more than one site for a particular restriction
    enzyme, is there some way to get the enzyme to cut at only one site?
 6. How do I calibrate a Pipetman(tm) style micropipette?
 7. Is it possible to get a personal copy of the files stored at Genbank?
 8. How I do prepare powdered silica for DNA purification, with the
    associated solutions?
 9. How do I use powdered silica to isolate DNA from agarose gels?
10. How do I use silica powder to prepare plasmid DNA for sequencing?
11. What is PCR?
12. What are some good reference books for PCR?
13. How should I select a set of primers to use for PCR?
14. What kinds of programs are available for designing PCR primers?
15. What is "Hot-start" PCR?
16. What is AP-PCR or RAPD PCR?
17. What is "Touchdown" PCR?
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                ---> How can I access MEDLINE? <---

First, you'll need to get an account on MEDLARS. Call the MEDLARS Management
Section Service Desk: 800-638-8480. Once you fill out the Online Billing
Agreement with the NTIS, you get a userid and password from MEDLARS.

Unless you're quite expert with MESH terms and MEDLINE searching, you should
order a copy of GRATEFUL MED 6.0. You can then formulate your search offline
and then telnet to medlars.nlm.nih.gov

If you haven't got telnet, you can access MEDLINE via BITNIS and get your
MEDLINE searches returned via email. You can do searches in command format or
by using Grateful Med 6.9 and a program called smed.

Some helpful books are:

Albright, R. G. 1988. A basic guide to online information systems for
health care professionals. Information Resource Press. Arlington, VA.

Feinglos, S. J. 1985. MEDLINE: A basic guide to searching. Medical
Library Association, Inc. Chicago, IL.

You can access MEDLINE on the Internet through a service called the Life 
Science Network.  This is a database service that offers access to over
80 life science databases, including MEDLINE.  Although you will need a
password and User ID to access the service, there is no charge to sign up
and you're only charged for the information you retrieve -- no 
monthly minimum fees.  To get a User Agreement, e-mail to:

biosis at a1.relay.upenn.edu.

You can also access Medline by way of Paperchase, a dial-up service available
through a modem. They provide a 24 hr. toll-free number for questions.
In the U.S. you can call 800-722-2075. From Canada, you can call
collect 617-278-3900. You can also access Paperchase through
telnet to biotechnet.com if you open an account with them first. The
number for BioTechNET is 508-655-8282. You can get more information
about this by sending e-mail to biotechnet at biotechnet.com.

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