HELP: .HQX Format for Macs

Cheung C. Yue ccy at po.CWRU.Edu
Sun Nov 15 10:43:21 EST 1992

In a previous article, bwilliam at oyster.smcm.edu (Bill Williams) says:

>In article <1992Nov9.190919.12960 at cs.mun.ca> Harold Wareham,
>harold at odie.cs.mun.ca writes:
>>I recently obtainted a Macintosh file in .HQX format from the UIBio
>>archives. I need a copy of BinHex 4.0 or Stuffit to uncompress and
>>use the thing. Where can I obtain copies of either of these
>For anyone with a Mac but unfamiliar with the downloading conventions
>for Macs, I highly recommending downloading a number of very
>informative files (in text format, hence not requiring any fancy
>programs) at sumex-aim.stanford.edu in the directory /info-mac/reports.
> I don't have the specific names of the files handy, but looks for
>things like FTP-site directories, FTP how-to, etc.  As I recall the
>reports are well written and direct.

I confronted my own problems with Binhex some time ago by finding a friend
with a copy of Stuffit Deluxe who could then unbinhex binhex40.hqx for me, and 
so on.  Although sumex-aim.stanford.edu has a binary version of binhex
(binhex.bin), I was unable to transfer it to my mac in Macbinary transfer.
Perhaps you may have better luck with your own transfer.  If that fails,
you may have to resort to finding a friend locally who could unbinhex that
first file for you (first file being binhex40.hqx).  The above recommendation
is an excellent suggestion, although I believe the files are in info-mac/help.

Good luck.

ccy at po.cwru.edu


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