GratefulMed over tcp/ip???? for Mac!!!

Cornelius Krasel zxmkr08 at studserv.zdv.uni-tuebingen.de
Wed Nov 11 14:39:58 EST 1992

In <1992Nov8.225129.15997 at pollux.lu.se> Bo Servenius <Bo.Servenius at wblab.lu.se> writes:

>BTW gm6.0 is for PC isn't it??? Is there a tcp/ip version for Macs
>as well??

The TCP/IP software for Macs is MacTCP. The actual version is 1.1 (as far
as I know). I have installed it under System 7 and it works like a dream
(not like these darned IBM PCs... I always have troubles to find drivers
for our 3C507 ethernet card, e.g. to get it to work with NCSA Telnet 2.3).
To my knowledge, MacTCP is NOT in the public domain. You can ftp it
nevertheless; if you get an Eudora Package somewhere, it is included.
There is also some documentation somewhere in ftp-land about how to
configure MacTCP, but I am not sure where I picked it up ... it is
accessible via Archie, though (that was the way I found it).
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