Mac Primer executable

mangalam at SALK-SC2.SDSC.EDU mangalam at SALK-SC2.SDSC.EDU
Thu Nov 12 14:02:04 EST 1992

   Since the Primer gang has still not put the Mac exe up on their FTP
server, and I've received a couple of requests for it, I've bundled the
distribution, with a ThinkC project, and the executable as a binhexed,
self-extracting archive and put it up on our server (salk-sc2.sdsc.edu) in:
[anonymous.mac] (it's a VAX).  Feel free to distribute it, but only as a
complete set (to adhere to the original distribution policy).
   Beware, macaholics, it is the same text-window interface that pops up on
a VAX or PC, but it is certainly handy if you need it.
   The ThinkC project comes to you by the good graces of Richard Cooke of
Universite de Perpignan (COOKE at FRPERP51.bitnet).

   For your info:

Primer benchmarks

                                Sample.seq   Sample2.seq     Sample3.seq   
SGI Crimson
R4000/4010:50MHz                      6s        instantly          25s     
16kB(1')/1MB(2') Cache, 64 MB Main
Standard MIPS compiler

PC Clone
64 kB Cache, 8MB Main                 30s           1s             75s
(but only 640kB accessible)
MS QuickC for Windows -> DOS exe

68030/68881:25MHz                     42s           3s             183s
Std Cache card, 8MB Main
Think C 5.0


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