wanted: neural spike trains

Jens Burkert Jens.Burkert at arbi.informatik.uni-oldenburg.de
Mon Nov 9 08:35:36 EST 1992


I'm looking for spike train data produced from real neurons.

It is for the analyse of stochastic point processe described by Perkel,
Gerstein and Moor (1967) and crosscorrellation analyse.

Spike trains from two interacting (inhibitory or excitatory)
pacemaker (or other) neurons would be very welcome.

The organisation of the data should be in Intervals
|   |   |    |   |        <-  neuronal spike train
 10  10  15   10      ms
|   |   |    |   |
0   10  20   35  45  ms

also floating point.

Thank you
Jens Burkert

Jens Burkert (jens)     *    Abteilung Prozessinformatik
Universitaet Oldenburg   *   DW-2900 Oldenburg  (FRG)
EARN:  Jens.Burkert%arbi.informatik.uni-oldenburg.de at DOLUNI1
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