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Jim Cassatt writes:

>Got a couple of questions for those who run gopher.
>First - We are running tn3270 on a 3com network.  The gopher
>client cannot access the TCP stack even though the bat files have
>been properly constructed.  Our LAN manager says that the trouble
>is the 3com network.  Is this correct?

Ack!  Sorry, can't help you there - while you didn't want to hear this,
this is one very real reason that Macs are much easier to interface with
TCP/IP - one relatively solid, reliable interface (MacTCP).  Drop the file
into your system folder and everything (gopher, eudora, WAIStation, Fetch,
Versaterm, etc) works 1st time every time (almost... 8-)

>Second - As an alternative I am using the gopher client that
>resides on the NIH computer.  Recently the PDB announced the
>establishment of a gopher that I would like to access.  Going
>through the available menus it is not apparent to me how to
>access a gopher hole that is not listed on the menus.  Any

   Yes, just initaiate a new gopher wiith the following data:

Type = 1 (so that the icon is a folder)
Title = PDB/Brookhaven Data	(or something more personal)
Address =	pdb.pdb.bnl.gov (domain name of the server)
port =	70 (standard gopher port)

This is done (if using Don Gilbert's Gopher App) by selecting the 'Internet
| New Gopher Link' menu items and filling out the blanks appropriately.

   Or if using the PC version (PC Gopher II), you can use the Options |
Configure menu selection and fill out the blanks as above.

   However, the "New Gopher" selection (Alt+G) does not work as appears to
be advertised - all it does is bring up the initial screen again.  

A note to the authors is warranted.


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