Michael Gribskov gribskov at sdsc.edu
Thu Nov 5 15:15:33 EST 1992

We have recently acquired the literature reference manager EndNote.  I am interested in reading in some or all of the references in seqanalref, but need a filter to convert the format to something EndNote can read.  If anyone has done this and can supply
me with code for VMS,Unix,or Mac I would be very grateful.

Alternatively, since EndNote is supposed to be able to read ProCite format, perhaps someone could provide me with seqanalref in ProCite format.  Erik Sonnhammer at EMBL has apperently written a PC program to convert seqanalref to ProCite format.  Unfort-
unately, I do not have access to any kind of IBM type PC.  Is anyone that has done this conversion willing to supply me with the converted file?

Thanks for the help

Michael Gribskov
San Diego Supercomputer Center
gribskov at sdsc.edu

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