Mac front-end for VAX GCG

BRAIN ROBERTSON robertson at mpib-tuebingen.mpg.dbp.de
Thu Nov 5 10:34:33 EST 1992

Last week I posted a question concerning a Mac front end for the GCG programs
running on a VAX that I has read about. Thanks to all those who troubled to
reply. Here is a quick summary of the results:

1. Don Gilbert wrote a hypercard stack to acts as an interface, called 
HyperGCG.It is available by ftp from two places that I know of:
	ftp.bio.indiana.edu in molbio/mac hypergcg.hqx
	sunbcd.weizmann.ac.il in pub/software/mac/

However, Don Gilbert writes "I do not support this software.......nor do I 
recommend it except to those with some knowledge of hypercard programming and 
the time to mess with it." Well, I think that it plain enough!

2. Will Gilbert used MacWorkstation as a front end to VMS and GCG, and made a 
lot of progress, but abandoned it when good packages became available on the
Mac, and because MWS became too expensive. None of what he wrote is available.

Therefore it looks pretty bad if you are trying to introdue PC users to VMS and
GCG. However, I have heard that a version of GCG running under Xwindows should
be available sometime in 1993/94. This would allow users running MacX etc to
access the system.

Meantime hang on in there folks!

	Brian Robertson
	MPI fuer Biologie
	D74 Tuebingen
	e-mail: robertson at mpib-tuebingen.mpg.dbp.de

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