Looking for hydrophob. plot & helical wheel soft

Sun Nov 1 21:10:51 EST 1992

> In <KH.92Oct29162939 at litsun17.epfl.ch> kh at litsun17.epfl.ch (Mark S.) writes:
> >Hello All,
> >this might very well be a FAQ, ...
> >but I am looking for software to do helical wheel plots and hydrophobicity plots. Does anyone have an idea where to grab this kind of soft?
> >Or is there someone who has tried a package?
> GCG should be able to do this (if you have access to it). I just mention
> this because I assume that anybody working in the molbiol/biochemistry
> sector might have access to it. If you want to run the program(s) on a
> personal computer instead, it would be a great help for others if you'd
> specify the type of computer you're working with (and in some special
> cases -- such as IBM compatibles running UNIX -- the operation system
> as well).
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Prograph does all of this.  Prograph is available from the embl
file server and other FTP sites.  Prograph runs on DOS machines.

Jim Cassatt

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