NeXT and biology, anyone?

GLENN HOLM karuzis at wccf.mit.edu
Sun Nov 1 18:38:00 EST 1992

In article <921031131619.2380ba74 at CCSUA.CTSTATEU.EDU>, LETTIERE_DAJ at CCSUA.CTSTATEU.EDU writes...
>	I am wondering if there is any biology software in existance for the 
>NeXT computer.  I would prefer to see public domain (e.g. free) software but 
>would be interested in commercial packages as well.  In addition, are there any 
>ftp sites with biology software for the Sun?
>				Thanks in advance
>				Dan Lettiere
>E-Mail: lettiere_daj at ccsu.ctstateu.edu
>Snail Mail: Central Connecticut State University
>	    Dept. of Biological Sciences, Copernicus Hall
>	    1615 Stanley Street
>	    New Britain, CT 06050

The following just appeared in comp.sys.next.misc:

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Subject: NeXT Education Software Sampler: CD-ROM Software Compendium
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Contact:	Angela Grady
		Allison Thomas Associates
		(415) 780-3786

NeXT(tm) Education Software Sampler: CD-ROM Software Compendium

BALTIMORE, October 28, 1992 -- At the EDUCOM'92 conference today,
NeXT Computer, Inc. announced the availability of the first NeXT
Education Software Sampler, a CD-ROM containing a wide assortment of
public domain shareware education software for NeXTSTEP(tm)

"Our goal with the NeXT Education Software Sampler is to provide
users with useful, easily accessible software as well as to stimulate
users' imaginations by providing ideas for further development with
NeXTSTEP," said David Spitzler, higher education marketing manager
for NeXT.  "Because all the software on the disc was submitted to
NeXT specifically for redistribution, we encourage users to share
anything on the Software Sampler with others who may be interested in
educational NeXTSTEP software."

Most of the software on the CD-ROM is ready to run and can be used
free of charge.  The software was submitted by faculty, researchers
and students as well as representatives from various industries.  The
disc also contains demonstration versions of a variety of
commercially available applications, submitted by the third-party
developers themselves.  In addition, NeXT has also included the
source code of its modifications to the Free Software Foundation's
GNU-based development tools, including the compilers, debugger and
the emacs editor.

Examples of education software on the disc include FlyLab, an
application written for an introductory genetics course at the
California State University at Los Angeles.  Fly Lab teaches the
principles of genetic inheritance by simulating a genetics laboratory
of the common fruit fly.  Students can design flies that carry
various combinations of mutations, then "mate" the flies to study the
inheritance of genetic traits in the offspring.  Other examples
include Geo4 and Geo5, software for teaching and learning historical
geography, written at St. Mary's College of Maryland, and a
demonstration of Tarski's World, an application for learning
first-order logic written at Stanford University.

Organized into sections by subject, the CD-ROM contains more than 500
megabytes (MB) of applications, utilities, documents and much more.
For instance, the disc includes nearly 15 MB of music software, more
than 70 MB of mathematics software and almost 80 MB of programming
examples and source code from full-functioning applications.  Each
submission includes a README file with minimum standard information
about the application and who to contact for more information.

Price and Availability
The NeXT Education Software Sampler is available now directly from
NeXT for $25.00.  Interested parties can call 1-800-879-NeXT to

About NeXT Computer, Inc.
NeXT Computer, Inc. designs and markets the industry-acclaimed
NeXTSTEP object-oriented operating system, and designs, manufactures
and markets UNIX-based workstations that run NeXTSTEP.  NeXTSTEP and
NeXT workstations are used by medium and large organizations to
develop and deploy mission-critical applications, using both custom
and shrink-wrapped software.  NeXT is headquartered at 900 Chesapeake
Drive, Redwood City, Calif., 94063.


NeXT, the NeXT logo and NeXTSTEP are trademarks of NeXT Computer,
Inc.  All other trademarks mentioned belong to their respective

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