Alan Jennings bss2aj at uk.ac.surrey
Sat May 2 11:58:43 EST 1992

Dear all,

	I recently downloaded the source files for Clustalv from
fly.bio.indiana.edu. I have got the program to run fine on the PC, but
some of the seqwuences I have been looking at are too long for the
limits imposed by the PC`s memory.

	Looking at thwe code, I saw that there appears to be provision
to run Clustalv under UNIX, which is what we have here at Surrey.

	However, when I try and compile the program on UNIX I cannot
get an output,: no object files. Has anyone got Clustalv to run on a UNIX
machine, and if so do they have any hints as to why I can`t get it to run?

	I am NOT a programmer, so can any answers keep it fairly simple
please. I don`t know what version of UNIX we have here, ut I can find out if it is relevant.

 		Thanks in advance,

Alan Jennings                  |  "Time is an illusion.......
University of Surrey, UK.      |   lunchtime doubly so."
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