Need an X-based program to display protein molecules

user name unknown noel at chpc.utexas.edu
Fri May 8 11:25:16 EST 1992

I'd like to know if there are any public-domain X-based programs out
there for visualization of protein structures -- programs that can
display those neat ball-and-stick pictures of huge molecules which one
sees in glossy scientific magazines.

The hard constaints for this program are:
1.  Should work under X.
2.  Should not be monochrome-only.
3.  Should not require any fancy hardware.

It would be nice but not essential for the program:
1.  To have a monochrome/color switch.
2.  To be able to display the secondary structure of the protein.
3.  To be able to import Brookhaven-PDB files.
4.  To have different modes for displaying the protein molecule.  In
    its simplest mode it would show a simple wire-frame (skeletal
    model).  And more advanced modes would display the atoms as
    spheres without filling, with filling, van der Waals surfaces,
    ribbon models,  etc.
5.  An ability to rotate the molecule, zoom in, zoom out, etc. in
    the wireframe-display mode.

Any information on this topic would be welcome.

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