Need an X-based program to display protein molecules

Anthony J. Persechini ajp2o at crocus.medicine.rochester.edu
Fri May 8 13:25:12 EST 1992

|> The hard constaints for this program are:
|> 1.  Should work under X.
|> 2.  Should not be monochrome-only.
|> 3.  Should not require any fancy hardware.
|> It would be nice but not essential for the program:
|> 1.  To have a monochrome/color switch.
|> 2.  To be able to display the secondary structure of the protein.
|> 3.  To be able to import Brookhaven-PDB files.
|> 4.  To have different modes for displaying the protein molecule.  In
|>     its simplest mode it would show a simple wire-frame (skeletal
|>     model).  And more advanced modes would display the atoms as
|>     spheres without filling, with filling, van der Waals surfaces,
|>     ribbon models,  etc.
|> 5.  An ability to rotate the molecule, zoom in, zoom out, etc. in
|>     the wireframe-display mode.
|> Any information on this topic would be welcome.

I heard some folks out in California--Scripps I think--put together
a package that uses the XView library. I would actually like to get a line
on this myself to see if it will compile and run on a Silicon Graphics machine
now that these machines run a decent X server.

Anyone have any info on this package? Perhaps someone at Scripps?

Anthony Persechini
Assistant Professor
University of Rochester School of Medicine
ajp2o at crocus.medicine.rochester.edu

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