Alan Jennings bss2aj at uk.ac.surrey
Mon May 11 07:27:27 EST 1992

Dear netters,

	A colleague recently downloaded PAUP version 2.4.1 from a site in
Germany, and has managed to get the program to run on our PC in the
department here.

	However he is having problems with the data format required by the 
program. I have never used this package, but I am enquiring whether
anyone has any experience, and could tell me details of the format for
dat to be accepted by PAUP. He has no documentation with the program,
so if anyone has a copy that they could e-mail to me, or knows 
where it is available we would appreciate this.

	Apparantly this is not the newest version of PAUP, so if anyone
knows where this is availsable via ftp this would also be very useful.


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