PAUP by ftp

Joe Felsenstein joe at GENETICS.WASHINGTON.EDU
Thu May 14 13:52:37 EST 1992

Alan Jennings recently posted a request for documentation for PAUP, and other
places that it could be downloaded by ftp.  He said a colleague just
downloaded it from an ftp site in Germany.

PAUP is not freely-distributed.  It costs $50 from David Swofford, Illinois
Natural History Survey, Natural Resources Building, 607 East Peabody Drive,
Champaign, Illinois 61820.  It is very much worth the money.  If Jennings's
colleague will pay the $50 then he may get some documentation, and perhaps
Swofford will be merciful and not prosecute.

That must be a great ftp site: probably has copies of Microsoft Word,
AutoCAD, WordPerfect, Mathematica, etc.

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