The Ultimate table of compressors

Lucius Chiaraviglio chi9 at quads.uchicago.edu
Fri May 15 00:31:34 EST 1992

In article <199205120521.AA02350 at csc.fi> Rob.Harper at CSC.FI (Rob Harper) writes:
>tor      .cpt    -          Compactor1.21 D     -           -          -
>tor Pro  .cpt    -        CompactorPro1.3 D     -           -          -

	By the way, the second name should be Compact Pro (and the latest
version is 1.32) -- it is not a fundamentally different product, but simply
the name which later versions of Compactor have taken on.  This name change is
due to a conflict with the name of some other program (information from the
author's ReadMe file that comes with the program).

	The important thing, though, is that an extractor now exists for
Compactor/Compact Pro on MS-DOS machines.  The program name is EXTRACT.EXE
(and I apologize for not being able to remember the version name, but it isn't
much if any over 1.0), and it is normally distributed in a self-extracting
archive called EXTPC.EXE.  I haven't seen this archived anywhere, but the
extractor is freeware (as are the corresponding extract-only programs on the
Macintosh), and I have it if anyone needs it.  I have tested it, and it works.
Although I have only tested it briefly, it seems to be well-designed.  It will
extract archives made by all versions of Compactor/Compact Pro to date as long
as they are not segmented or encrypted.

	I have no connection with Bill Goodman or Cyclos.  I am just a
satisfied Compact Pro customer.

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