Scientific Databases.

Rob Harper harper at convex.csc.FI
Mon May 18 09:05:42 EST 1992


	Scientific databases are becoming more and more important
	(molbio: GenBank/EMBL, PDB. Chemistry: JCPDS. Physics:CPC)
	In addition satellite pictures, weather forecast data and all types 
	of imaging require considerable diskspace. The obvious place 
	to store large databases would be on a fileserver system with 
	a cassette robot and fast cache disks for file handling.

	I would be interested in hearing from people who maintain large
	scientific databases... or from users of any type of database.
	Here are a few questions on which I would like to hear your opinion.

	1) What databases are absolutely essential for your work
	   at your institution.
	2) What databases would you want to have access to, but
	   at present are not installed at your site.
	3) What type of machine do you keep your databases on.
	4) Who takes care of maintainance and upkeep.
	5) Who took care of the financing of the different databases.
	6) Do you use any network solutions to solve your access to databases
           that are not available locally.

	You can either reply to the list or to me directly at 
	harper at convex.csc.fi and I will summarise to the NET.

	Thanks in advance

	Rob Harper ( Finnish State Computer Centre ) 
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