FASTA moans and questions

Tue May 19 08:50:00 EST 1992

> 	I am also unable to use fasta to search through a specific 
> subset of sequences, specifically bacterial sequences.  Has GCG
> altered fasta such that this can no longer be done?  It is very 
> expensive to be searching through all of GenEMBL.

I think the original query came from the UK. It is possible that (like at AFRC)
you may not have the GCG version of the databases, so Genbank is provided as
a single set rather than in divisions. In that case logicals such as BA:*
probably point to GENEMBL:*, while GB_BA:* probably points to GB:*

You might like to persuade your site manager to set up some files of sequence
names (FOSN) to use the divisions, and change the divisions definitions (as we
do at AFRC). You might even suggest that the software and example logical
definitions are available from me :-)

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