Maximum Entropy Analysis

John Rupley rupley at cs.arizona.edu
Tue May 19 17:20:45 EST 1992

In article <1992May19.165959.4776 at watson.ibm.com> zaphiri at watson.ibm.com  (Zaphiris Christidis) writes:
>Is there any package in the public domain (or not) that performs
>the "Maximum Entropy Analysis" method on a given  data set?
>Any information will be greatly appreciated. Please reply by
>Zaphiris Christidis
>zaphiri(@watson.ibm.com @yktvmh.bitnet)

Maximum entropy is one of the optimization methods available for use in
the principal component analysis carried out by xgobi.  Xgobi is a
"free" program developed at Bellcore/ATT, available by ftp:  connect to
lib.stat.cmu.edu, log in giving statlib as your name and your email
address as your password, and I believe the sources are in .../general.

Xgobi is an extremely useful data visualization and analysis package.
Runs under X (obviously, :-).  Compiles smoothly on Sun and SGI machines,
and I imagine comes up just as easily on other platforms.  Lots of goodies.
Almost too good to be true.  For the price (:-) it's certainly worth a try.


John Rupley
rupley at cs.arizona.edu

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