Harry Mangalam mangalam at SALK-SGI.SDSC.EDU
Tue May 19 18:32:24 EST 1992

Hi there,

   I am trying to use GDE 2.0 and am having some problems getting
the Restriction enzyme part to run.  
The program has been installed on a SUN SS2 and I am running it 
over ethernet as an X job displayed on an IRIS 4D (IRIX 4.0.1).
   'Out of the box' GDE has only a few restriction enzymes in the 
default file, so I downloaded and reformatted Rich Roberts commercial
enzyme list for it (ie recognition site <tab> <tab> RE name).
   As I mentioned above, I can not get any output from the 
restriction part of GDE.  I also tried using the default set of 
enzymes with no visible results but a series of core dumps.  
   The program can read in my sequence and display it in the 4 colors,
but ... no maps, no change in hilites....  Any ideas?


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The Salk Institute                            mangalam at salk-sc2.sdsc.edu
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