Dan Jacobson x-8453 danj at WELCHGATE.WELCH.JHU.EDU
Wed May 20 13:51:52 EST 1992

Teddy Iglehart writes:

>I am looking for a program called mac molecule written by
>arizona univ.  could someone please help me

Yes! The program you are looking for is available by anon-ftp from (among
other places) ftp.bio.indiana.edu  in the chemistry/mac directory as;

-rw-r--r--  1 gilbert  archive    422620 Jun 16  1991 macmolecule-15.hqx

The blurb is as follows:

NEW MacMolecule, we have added many of the features folks have
been asking for.

1) Ball and Stick imaging
2) Wire Frame imaging
3) Unlimited numbers of atoms per structure
    Actually this is not quite true, you are limited by atoms
4) Better Movie Recording and Playback features
6) Resizeable windows
7) Printing Ability (grey scale with 6.0 and higher print-
8) Ability to change the background color
9) More refined user interface

MacMolecule is a program which displays Atoms in 3 dimensional
space. There are a number of ways to view a Molecule. Ball and
Stick, Wire Frame, or Space filling. All three views can be
interactively rotated. Or the computer can set up rotations and
save them out as a PICS file, which can be played back in Super
Card or Swivel 3D.

Kudos go to Don Gilbert for the ftp site.

Happy hunting,

Dan Jacobson

danj at welchgate.welch.jhu.edu

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