Immunological "neuro-nets"

dmerberg at GENETICS.COM dmerberg at GENETICS.COM
Thu May 21 07:48:57 EST 1992

 (Mike Robertson) writes:
|>During a seminar today (perhaps I was only dozing) on cytokines and the
|>control of lymphocyte proliferation and activation, I was struck by the
|>similarity between the immunological network and neural networks. 

|>...  I would love to hear from anyone who has or would be
|>interested in giving it a shot.

To which  Mike Sendall <sendall at dxpt01.cern.ch> replies

>Can you post your e-mail address so people can contact you? 
>The one in the From field of your article doesn't work...

How about holding such a discussion on one of the bionet boards?  Seems
like it would interest many people (me for one).

Dave Merberg
Genetics Institute
dmerberg at genetics.com

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