Existing molbio software and system 7

Nigel Walker nigel at notmendel.Berkeley.EDU
Wed May 27 12:19:16 EST 1992

Subject: Re: Existing molbio software and system 7
References: <1992May27.154002.17857 at usenet.ins.cwru.edu>

In article <1992May27.154002.17857 at usenet.ins.cwru.edu> ccy at po.CWRU.Edu (Cheung C. Yue) writes:
>Do all existing molecular biology software for the Mac available
>at various FTP sites run under system 7?
>Thanks for your input.
>ccy at po.cwru.edu

ALL?????  That's a mighty big question!

I can say that everything I've used works fine ( note circular argument ;-)

-the only problem I've had with system 7.0 and molbio software was with DNA
strider v 1.1 on 68000 macs (SE etc). However v 1.0 works fine (?!?).

If you are asking this question 'cause you are worried about sys 7.0 busting
you current setup... relax; there are very few real incompatabilities.  You 
WILL need to update some software, but doing so often makes life easier anyway.

If you already have sys 7.0 installed... just do the experiment! (if it doesn't
work, try the author or the net for a patch.)

$0.02 worth for only $25


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