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In article <35748 at uflorida.cis.ufl.edu>, beatriz at pine.circa.ufl.edu (Beatriz Gonzalez-Yanes) writes:
>Dear netters,
>I imagine this question has been asked before, but I usually don"t 
>read this group.  My boss is willing to buy a program for the PC (386) 
>that given a sequence, would draw a map of it.  We would like one that 
>could make linear or circular vectors with the corresponding 
>restriction sites to scale.  It can either be a DOS or Windows program.
>Of course, we would also be interested in a shareware version.
>Thanks for any help,

You may want to look at either "Clone3" ($300) or "Plasmid Map Enhancer" 
($200) from Scientific & Educational Software, PO Box 440, State Line, PA,
17263 (717-597-5307).  They have demo disks available.

Basically, Clone3 is a sequence/clone manipulator program.  You can enter 
sequence data, determine restriction sites, restrict a circular molecule & 
ligate a fragment into it & have the RE sites rearranged appropriately, 
etc.  Although it does print out smooth plasmid circles, the print is 
somewhat crude (comes out as a series of attached squares).

I guess that's why they came out with Plasmid Map Enhancer which produces 
manuscript-quality plasmid figures/text, can enter sequence data too, but 
doesn't let you do the cloning/ligation that Clone3 allows.  You can bring 
in a map generated with Clone3 and print it with Plasmid Map Enhancer, or 
beautify it, to get a better quality presentation.

Take a look at the demo's, they're free. 
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