Question on GelReader and ContigAsm programs

Qing Wang Qing.Wang at dartmouth.edu
Thu May 28 11:52:35 EST 1992

I'm running NCSA GelReader 2.0 (or 2.0.2) and ContigAsm programs on
Macintosh II (or IIsi).  I've got some problems with them.

First, I couldn't generate molecular weight report from GelReader. I
could only generate distance report. When I chose weights button on
GelReader Defaults Dialog box, the Generate Report menu became grey.

Second, after I changed distance to molecular weight by myself and
loaded them to ContigAsm by selecting Load Weights menu, the computer
seemed frozen for half an hour before I crashed it.  So I thought the
format probably was not right. Does anyone know how to get the detail
document of running ContigAsm? I've only found the "Overview of NCSA
ContigAsm" from NCSA archieve
Third, after I loaded the data from ContigAsm Data, I didn't know how
to display the contigs, because there was no Display menu.


Qing Wang
qing.wang at dartmouth.edu

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