NEEDED: software to print phylogenetic trees ...

cocteau cocteau at life.slhs.udel.edu
Sun May 24 18:07:52 EST 1992


  As Part of the Tierra Artificial Life Project, I find myself in need
  of software ( non-commercial ) that will help print out a LARGE
  phylogenetic tree. 

  Ideally the code would have the following characteristics:

   - be free oc charge,
   - be in C ( perl, lisp ok )
   - produce a multipage ( mossaic style ) PostScript ( or hpgl ) output
     and/or X window for scrolling
   - be able to deal with multi parent ( up to 6 ) and multi child
     and while I am being greedy, look nice 
     ( not have too many overlappng lines)
   - the node can be very simple 8 character lables

Please email me ( cocteau at life.slhs.udel.edu ) of ANYTHING that might
help out.  I will post a summary if I can ...

Thanx in advance,
daniel pirone
alife alchemist

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