Problems with Strieder and Molgen Jr.

Tao Tao txt15 at po.CWRU.Edu
Sun Mar 1 14:05:04 EST 1992

In using Strider and Molgen Jr. to analyze my DNA sequences, I encountered
several problems.

For Strider 1.0, the problem is its output.  On screen it looks fine, but when
printed out the Monaco font changed to Palatino.  This disrupted the space

My question is this: how could this be solved? Or better yet, could the output
be saved as a text file instead of printer dump?

For Molgen Jr. the problem is whenever a output was saeved as a file, the hung after the process.

My question is:  What is the cause of this problem?  How to solve it?  My
Mac classic is running tune-up'ed sytem 7.0, with 4 meg RAM.

Any help hint would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


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