Yves Bertheau bertheau at inra.fr
Tue Mar 3 05:05:17 EST 1992

Hi networkers,

I compiled, without any trouble, restml of the PHYLIP package version 3.4
(in fact version 3.41 for restml).

When I ran restml on my incoming file with 20 species, 4 restriction enzymes
of length = 4 nucleotides I obtained the following messages.

a lot of: "log: DOMAIN error" after the addition of some species

then at the end:

Warning the following IEEE floating point arithmetic exceptions occured in
this program and were never cleared: Inexact; Invalid Operand;

What does it mean? Are the results of these analyses false or true?
Does anybody find such troubles on a Sun 4/75 under SunOs 4.1.1?

I compiled the restml.p source with the following options:

pc -s restml.p -o restml (with REAL or all the REAL changed in DOUBLE)
pc -xl restml.p -o restml

In both cases I encountered the same messages.

Does anybody could help me?

Thanks in advance;

Yves Bertheau
INRA Pathologie Vegetale
16 rue Claude Bernard
75231 PARIS cedex 05

bertheau at inapv.inapg.inra.fr



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