UK gopher PC installation.

Pat Thoyts, Biochemistry. THOYTS at BSA.BRISTOL.AC.UK
Mon Mar 2 10:34:00 EST 1992

  Has anyone in the UK got PC gopher running on, or via, JANET?
  I managed to get the PC-gopher executable by FTP and have got it
  to run, but the campus here uses a JNT-PAD box of tricks to connect
  all the campus PC's to JANET.  Gopher insists that you tell it various
  bits of useful info before it will run, and I dont know how to reply
  to some of the questions because we don't have a standard Internet
  type of connection.  Do I need to aquire some sort of TCP/IP programme?
  If so where from, and will it need the same sort of information as I've
  failed to give to gopher?
       Thanks for any help!
           Pat Thoyts      (Thoyts at uk.ac.bristol.bsa)

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