FASTA 1.6c available

Dave Leonard Baillie baillie at beaufort.sfu.ca
Mon Mar 2 23:09:01 EST 1992

wrp at cyclops.micr.Virginia.EDU (Bill Pearson) writes:


	A new release of the FASTA package, version 1.6c, is now available
>for downloading from uvaarpa.virginia.EDU as /public_access/fasta16c.shar
>and /public_access/fasta16c.shar.Z.

>	This release fixes bugs in the routines for calculating optimized
>scores in a band.  These routines (l_band.c and g_band.c) are used by
>fasta, tfasta, lfasta, and plfasta.  With one or two exceptions, the bugs
>never occured on SUN, rs/6000, VMS, or DOS machines, it was not until I
>began testing the Mac version that the problem appeared. Unfortunately, the
>errors were present also in the other versions.

>Bill Pearson

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