New wais release...

Rob Harper Rob.Harper at CONVEX.CSC.FI
Tue Mar 3 02:20:36 EST 1992

>Date: Sat, 29 Feb 92 23:30:29 PST
>From: Jonny Goldman <jonathan at Think.COM>
>Subject: wais-8-b4 release

WAIS release 8 beta 4 (wais-8-b4) is now available via anonymous FTP from
think.com, directory wais:


This is a compressed tarfile of the WAIS software.

>From the Release Notes:

Thu Feb 27 1992

WAIS version 8 beta 4

This is a list of fixes and enhancements to wais-8-b3


Improved portability (getting better every day).

A few more bug fixes (just a few... 8^})


Improved Relevance Feedback (thanks to Simon Spero) and reliability.

Improved server performance (more Spero hacks).

Better diagnostics records for client errors (like relevance feedback
across servers).

Added a log_level to the server.  See the man page.

Fixed bug in server where buffer overflow caused clients to hang (when
requesting too many results).  Results are now truncated to fit.

minimal check for file in database on retrieval.

Added catalog to help results.  Also return catalog on null results.

New single-server source for single-task servers.


Improved performance.

No longer indexes the body of graphics files (GIF, TIFF and PICT).

More types (see the command for supported types).

Now builds a catalog for the database.


General bug fixes, but not much else.

New with this release is John Curran's swais version 1.7 (which has been
available seperately).


Now has an Imakefile for easier installation.

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