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Dave Kristofferson kristoff at GENBANK.BIO.NET
Tue Mar 3 15:59:17 EST 1992

> The problem I have had is the end of line marker seems to 
> be screwed up.  I used to have a UNIX2DOS utility
> on my SUN 386i, but when that monster was shipped out of here 
> I lost it.  I tried a utility that was supposed 
> to covert the file, but it bombed.  
>Jim Cassatt 

A UNIX-to-DOS conversion can also be done on a Sun using the sed

sed 's/$/^M/' <infile >outfile

Note that ^M is the control-M character which on a Sun is entered on
the command line by first pressing ^V followed by ^M, NOT by only
pressing ctrl-M or, worse yet ^ followed by M!  infile is the UNIX
file and outfile is the DOS filename.  This script simply substitutes
(s) at the end of each line ($) a ^M.  You can add a ^Z character
(end-of-file) at the end of the DOS file with a text editor such as
emacs or simply leave it off for most purposes.


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