erhard at urz.unibas.ch erhard at urz.unibas.ch
Wed Mar 4 06:15:37 EST 1992

Hallo Everybody
I am looking for all kinds of Software concerning Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.
I want to know about Sources (Adresses of Companies, Freeware, Mailboxes etc.)
I am quiet new in this business, but I am shure there must be a lot existing !
We use the BRUKER aspect 3000 computer both on our 400MHz High resolution
Maschine and our 80MHz 24cm Biospec.
We have various Macs and IBMs, and we are willing to buy a Sparc or Indigo if
we can figure out, which is the best solution.
Please give answers in this NEWS-GROUP, so that anybody might have access to
every Information
					Thank You 

Peter Erhard



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