Geneworks 2.0 microreview

HIDEW at SIMSC.bitnet HIDEW at SIMSC.bitnet
Wed Mar 4 12:19:00 EST 1992

/     Has anyone out there seen version 2 of Intelligenetics Geneworks.
/Specifically, I would like to hear your impressions of the programs sequence
/assembly capabilities. I have the demo of version 1, is there a new demo for
/version 2? If there is anyone from IG reading this (come on, I know your there)

/could you please send me the relevant info (including the price), and let me
/know where I can get a new demo if available?

I've got a copy of the demo of version 2 which I received last week, but I
haven't had a chance to look at it yet. The number for IG in the US is
(415) 962-7300 and the fax number is (415) 962-7302. There's also a number
in Japan. Let me know if you would like that.


I have run the version 2 thru a few tests.

        Look, it's written in Basic ok? It's got some neat aspects and
some really qwirky bits too. It messes with your mind a little, because the
experience of the designer is mixed in with all kinds of "inputs" from
other people...it reeks of a corporate program. BUT:

It has wonderful graphics. Good use of the Mac intuitive style and is an
absolute godsend for Those wishing to present a sequence comparison, or
a feature-laden sequence, or a good outline
of a multiple alignement.

        Having only played with the hobbled Demo disc(which
does not allow you to print or save, but will allow you to
load text-files and preformatted GWORKS files); I have a good experience
in general. I even managed to print a pair of hydro-plots as a Screen Print
(given by the operating system command. not from within the program)

        Point being, if they have such a good graphics generator(s) why are they
not stressing the wonderful graphics to the user?

I am excited simply by the idea of being able to output clear (color) graphics
of sequences etc. Why is no mention made of how output can be manipulated
for postcript out put etc etc..

        When a window is altered, all other windows reflect the change. the net
result is that you have a feeling of continuity as you pass from analysis
to analysis. I particularly like the ability to see graphics features of a

        I have described the feel of this program , ask for a copy from
intelligenetics. The next time I write, I wish to outline some of the problems
with the company itself: The price of the program is steep, and it requires
subscription to a preformatted database of CDs (at +/- $700 pa).

Database access is quite slow, but using a stringent definition-search
routine, you can make "mini-dbases" that are rapid to search. Information
is good from these dbases. There is a (NOW GOOD, WAS LOUSY)
Parser that will allow you to read in EMBL/GENBANK format files
and will annotate the sequence with all the goodies:

LIKE IE: for PIR sequences: cys-bridges are drawn in.

The consensus alignment routine allows a great deal
of graphic outlining, like boxes around consensus residues etc.

I have been unable to export from the program, so have now Idea if
these alignments can be further manipulated in a high end graphics package,
and would be unwillling to plonk down $2.5K to find out that was not
the case.

Academic price I think is $2500 or so. A cd machine is an extra $600.

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Win Hide
Division of Echinoderms
Molecular Systematics Laboratory
Smithsonian Institution
301 238 3444
fax: 301 238 3059
Hidew at simsc.bitnet

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