epd files

Wed Mar 4 17:14:38 EST 1992

It was just stated that the EPD release from genbank has no sequences so
one can't reformat it to GCG or any other sequence format.  This came as a 
follow up to an earlier discussions in which I told folks how to reformat
epd files to different sequence formats.  So what's up? (I hear you cry)
Well just a simple file confusion - yes there is an EPD file which doesn't
list the sequences HOWEVER the original discussion revolved around edp29.dat
or epd29.seq (I forget what its extension was) which is on the NCBI ftp server
and does indeed contain the sequnces of the promoters (I know I wasn't reformatting
air - honest and besides that I just double checked, yep there`s sequences in
them there files :-).  Thus there's no need for the complicated extraction
that todays poster mentioned.


Dan Jacobson

danj at welchgate.welch.jhu.edu

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